Hi! I'm Joe, a full stack software engineer based in the Washington, DC metro area.

I build beautiful, responsive web applications.

Why do you like telling computers what to do?

Tandy 1000RL vintage advertisement

Ever since I was young, I've messed around with computers. It all started with a Tandy 1000RL from Radio Shack. I spent hours trying to install Windows 2.0 on it, but I think disk #4 was corrupted. Fast forward to 1996 - I managed to dual boot Slackware Linux alongside Windows 95, without accidentally formatting over it! Around that time, I also ventured into the world of web development. The first website I made was a "Java Enhanced" Simpsons fan site hosted on AOL. It was full of unnecessary java applets and way too many GIFs (I even got a copyright takedown notice from Sun Microsystems for using an image of the Java mascot, Duke).

After many years and a successful career in the hotel industry, where creative problem solving is a daily occurrence, I've decided to return to my first love. Once I started developing for the web again, the joy and the excitement of that awful Simpsons fan site came rushing back.

These are some of my current favorite technologies to work with:

  • Frontend: React, HTML5/CSS3, Vanilla JS, 11ty, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap
  • Backend: Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, PostgreSQL

I do some freelancing, too.

First impressions matter.

Is your website letting you down?

Modern customers expect a mobile-friendly, responsive, and accessible site. Every business - from sole proprietors to large corporations - needs one. Does yours meet the mark?

I can help you and your business showcase a strong online presence, as well as suggest and implement various technology solutions to streamline your operations. Having the right tools can save you hours of time and push more money to your bottom line.

Ready to get started?

Here's my process:

Step 1:


It all begins with a conversation where we'll pinpoint what this project is all about.

Step 2:


A detailed project proposal will be presented and a plan of action will be decided.

Step 3:


You'll receive regular updates regarding the project status while I create and test it.

Step 4:


Your site goes live and we have a little celebration!

Latest Projects

Here's a few of the latest things I've been working on.

Screenshot of Your Local Doggy Daycare

Your Local Doggy Daycare

A static website for a local doggy daycare business

    Technologies used:
  • HTML
  • CSS/Sass
  • jQuery
Screenshot of Your Ashley Jones Interiors

Ashley Jones Interiors

A portfolio site for a Washington, DC based interior designer.

    Technologies used:
  • HTML
  • CSS/Sass
  • jQuery
Screenshot of Europäisches Straßenleben

Europäisches Straßenleben

A teaser site for a travelling street art exhibit in Berlin

    Technologies used:
  • HTML
  • CSS/Sass
  • jQuery

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